Zhe Di by Lin Yuezhang

The child took the cake silent big eyes still staring at her looking at Du Yuezhi strange embarrassed Du Yuezhi suspected that he might have hearing problems so he stretched out his finger and drew a circle around his ear “You can’t hear can you” The silence of a child’s obsession Oh it’s a pity that you can’t hear it when you are so cute Du Yuezhi sighed with pity and picked up a whole plate of cakes “It’s all for you to eat I made it myself Even the palace doesn’t have such delicious cakes” The voice did not fall suddenly a maid screamed upside down hit the table tea books cakes spilled all over Du Yuezhi Ha ha ha-there’s nothing to eat! Several children pounded the table and laughed so they were playing tricks! Du Yuezhi still kept the posture of carrying the plate empty hands the child looked at the broken plate on the ground dull eyes moved to the dirty Du Yuezhi body after a moment his face filled with great disappointment that touch of blue deeper and deeper grief and indignation cruel despair mixed Du Yuezhi quickly stretched out her hand to pull him and said “It’s all right If you like it I’ll bring it to you tomorrow” He dodged Du Yuezhi’s hand was so violent that Business Services he broke the cake in his hand and stood up and rushed out of the school The mischievous children laughed triumphantly when they saw people running away Ha ha the monster ran away! “Monsters are not qualified to stay with us!” “Yes yes!”! Every day he either sleeps or is in a daze and his eyes are so strange that he can’t bear to see him! …… Hey you’re the monsters! Du Yuezhi is also very angry coldly looked at the group of mischievous children reached out to brush the body of the debris and then pulled the maid up The maid stood up and apologized tears in her eyes almost scared to death It’s all right You didn’t mean it Get out Du Yuezhi borrowed a handkerchief from her and then he did a simple cleaning rearranged the desk left what could be used and threw away what could not be used The children laughed wildly for a while Seeing that she was neither humble nor pushy and ignored herself they also felt bored Just as Shen Taifu came he sat down hurriedly Just this lesson to write big characters Shen Taifu ordered the task everyone took out white paper began to dip in ink to write At the end of the paper Shen Taifu looked at it one by one The child was soft and wrote reluctantly When he saw the last one his eyes lit up I saw that the paper was written with a uniform Zheng Mian style which had its own strength of character softness and tenacity and was particularly outstanding Zheng Mian was a great Confucian scholar in the Jing Dynasty His own handwriting was soft and strong and it was very difficult to practice it without ten years Look at the name of the paper Du Yuezhi Shen Taifu took out the paper and praised it greatly As the saying goes “The word is like the person” The pedants like them have higher requirements for the word than others so they have a much better impression of Du Yuezhi It’s just hard to write Have you been practicing since you were three years old China Suppliers Du Yuezhi replied “I started practicing in the last two or three years” Shen Taifu naturally praised her talent can write so well in just a few years in addition to talent there is no other explanation Du Yuezhi was particularly modest but he could not help feeling in his heart She learned Zheng Mian’s style which was taught by Liang Wang in her previous life At that time the two of them were still in love and she didn’t know much The good king was tender and gentle He held her hand in front of the table and taught her to practice calligraphy Later for the sake of Liangwangfu she learned a lot of tricks and went against her heart Fortunately practicing calligraphy could calm her mind and she never stopped practicing again Even after King Liang married Du Yuewei and entered the mansion she did not stop I didn’t expect that years of hard work would be used at this time She had long seen that Shen Taifu’s study was covered with Zheng Mian’s calligraphy and she must have admired Zheng Mian very much so she would write Zheng Mian’s style on the paper which really attracted Shen Taifu’s attention Shen Taifu really liked the word so he came over and wanted to see her write it himself The others also gathered around and looked at Du Yuezhi Du Yuezhi hesitated and did not grind the ink He seemed embarrassed Shen Taifu frowned “Didn’t you write this word” Du Yuezhi’s snow-white face was charming and lovely her big eyes blinked sighed and began to grind ink Then he wrote down two big characters Benevolence and Righteousness
The handwriting was very good but Shen Taifu noticed another place “What’s Agriculture wrong with your pen” A good wolf hair unexpectedly from the break split into several petals wooden thorns pen hair is also scattered this kind of pen even holding is very difficult to write big characters the flesh on the hand must touch the broken port wooden thorns into the flesh pain unbearable no wonder Du Yuezhi just looked embarrassed Du Yuezhi was silent Shen Taifu asked in a harsh voice “Who broke the pen” No one answered and the children kept silent Du Yuezhi you say! “Shen Taifu I don’t know either” Du Yuezhi’s voice was full of fear “Please don’t be angry I will find a way to get an identical wolf’s hair I will never embarrass you” Shen Taifu looked at her as if he was afraid of being retaliated for speaking out so he asked her to sit down He took the piece of paper and returned to the front His eyes swept over everyone’s faces dignified and solemn “You are all the children of the public family You come here to study in order to be a man in the future and lay a solid foundation I have repeatedly asked you to be modest and not to do evil but you never listen” As a teacher students should not be punished for their mistakes! Somebody bring me my ruler! As soon as they heard about the ruler everyone panicked and a few timid girls began to cry Du Yuezhi quickly comforted them From the first table come and be punished one by one! Shen Taifu is not soft-hearted A soft half-grown girl walked up to Shen Taifu and stretched out her hands in tears Shen Taifu raised his ruler and was about to hit him when he heard a boy shouting “Shen Taifu I know who did it!” He said the names of the children You’re talking nonsense! Can you prove it The young masters will certainly not admit it I’m not talking nonsense If Shen Taifu doesn’t believe me you can ask the maid outside the room! The little boy showed no sign of weakness

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