“If it wasn’t for his sweet mouth, I’d slap you.” Guo Zhenchuan picked up the play book that had been rolled up and hit Tang Zijia on the arm. Ji Mingnuan said: “Director, eat hot pot tonight and order more fat beef. Anyway, some people are restricted by the body teacher to lose 3 pounds in a week..” “I didn’t expect you to be such a vicious woman!” “You don’t know until now that it’s the most poisonous woman’s heart?” People were originally cold by the weather hissing mood immediately warmed up, the crew atmosphere is good at any time can let people warm heart. Liang Anyi looked at several people and happy scene, the heart suddenly is not the taste. Think of all of a sudden to shoot the circus, or in such bad weather, let her not lift the slightest mood. And Ji Mingnuan’s performance is moderate. She is a person who has been on the stage for four or five years. She can’t play worse than her! Even though there was a burning anger in her heart, Liang Anyi kept smiling. She reluctantly walked to Guo Zhenchuan with an umbrella, “Director, I’m ready.” Guo Zhenchuan looked at her, “Anyi, because you have to take a long shot later, or you have to ride on the horse for a while. There is a place to pay special attention to, that is, when you see Ji Mingnuan’s horse coming out from the side, you have to shout’Biyun ‘,smart interactive whiteboard, to show a trace of surprise, but also a trace of worry, understand?” Liang Anyi nodded: “I understand the director.” Liang Anyi is not the first time to shoot a circus, so Guo Dao did not say much nonsense. With the help of the equestrian teacher, Liang Anyi got on the horse and rode around slowly. The cold rain dripped on her face and she felt a pinprick in an instant. After riding two laps, I finally had a tacit understanding with the horse and began to shoot. The fourth prairie chase begins. She only hoped to finish the scene quickly, and then heard Ji Mingnuan riding a horse into the camera under the guidance of the director. She fell asleep at 3 o’clock last night because she was thinking about Lu Yanshen. Today,temperature scanning kiosks, she was woken up by her assistant very early. She rode two laps before the official shooting, and her spirit was a little withered. Until someone kept shouting, “Anyi, Anyi, don’t go that way.” Liang Anyi came to her senses, her center of gravity was already a little unstable, and her body was leaning to one side. She shouted in panic: “Ah..” Then, in a critical moment, she saw Ji Mingnuan, who had been in front of her, suddenly turn around and come towards her side, side by side with the horse at her feet. Without the slightest hesitation, facial recognization camera ,smart whiteboard price, she loosened her hand holding the reins and reached over to her side to support Liang Anyi’s body, so that she could regain her center of gravity and not fall to the ground. The equestrian teacher rode after her and soon found an opportunity to stop the horse for her. Liang Anyi turned pale and came down from his horse, his hands shaking all the time, and he did not know whether he was cold or afraid. Ji Mingnuan also jumped off the horse and came over and asked, “Sister Anyi, are you all right?” Liang Anyi took a look at Ji Mingnuan and flashed a trace of disgust. Who asked you to save it? She bit her lips tightly, did not say a word, and did not even look at Ji Mingnuan. Until the crew gathered around, Liang Anyi was drinking ginger tea in the shawl they handed over, and her voice was a little trembling: “I’m all right..” There was no mention of Ji Mingnuan saving her just now. Liang Anyi glanced out of the corner of his eye at Ji Mingnuan, who was already soaked through, and suddenly felt a little guilty in his heart. What’s wrong with her? She was kind enough to save her. Guo Zhenchuan also came over at the moment, he took a look at Liang Anyi, “Anyi, where are you uncomfortable?”? Why didn’t you say so? In such a state today, you may not be able to shoot. You can go back to rest first. Listening to Guo Zhenchuan’s tone of regret and regret, Liang Anyi immediately felt a chill in his heart. Why should she be treated unequally? Why can Ji Mingnuan get all the praise and praise? Liang Anyi suddenly stopped, looked at the next season Ming Nuan, and then pretended to say: “Ming Nuan, thank you.” However, the wood is more beautiful than the forest, and the wind will destroy it. You should have known this truth when you entered the industry. The Author Has Something to Say: Ji Mingnuan: Jealous Women Are Terrible I wish you a happy birthday and prosperity! Grateful (afraid of being locked, so you know.
) Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Girl 4 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 38 Chapter 38 Guo Zhenchuan looked at this scene, immediately a little is not disgusted. He has never liked the infighting between actresses, but he will never meddle in it. He took one look at Ji Mingnuan, whose hands were shaking slightly. He took the shawl from the staff member’s hand and handed it to her. Then he said to the staff member, “It’s not the way to rain all the time. Let’s shoot all the plays in the studio in the afternoon. Now go to eat first.” Ji Mingnuan nodded and followed the staff back to the temporary lounge. Tang Zijia sneezed aside. “Sister Ji is really your sister Ji. I admire her.” Ji Mingnuan took the ginger tea from the other side, “Don’t say it, I’m going to die of cold.” Thinking of Liang Anyi’s attitude, her heart cooled even more. In the past, she felt that Liang Anyi was very good to her. She often sent her food and play. When they were in Hengcheng, they would go shopping together. Liang Anyi also @ her on Weibo all day, but she didn’t know what happened today. Is it difficult that the previous performance is false? Oh, then she’s really good. She didn’t find out until today. If that little effort had been spent in front of the camera, it would not have been several years later, and it would still be a supporting role for others. Thinking of Liang Anyi’s pretentious thanks just now, she suddenly felt a little sick in her stomach. Who knows the next second is really going to vomit. Xiao Ke immediately stepped forward, “Ming Nuan, are you all right?” Ji Mingnuan covered his mouth,thermal imaging camera, “I want to vomit.” Two people then quickly ran to the bathroom, Xiao Ke while handing her a tissue while muttering: “Nuannuan you should not have it?” Think of that bunch of flowers, little can not have a little guess. Ming Nuan flushed the water and took the paper towel. “You have a big head. You just rode a few horses. I’m going to vomit.” 。

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