After the giant crane hurt the python, he unceremoniously grabbed the python with his claws, turned over his stomach, drew his beak, ate the snake’s gall, then flapped his wings with a deep sigh, stretched his long neck, and rose in a straight line. In a twinkling of an eye, he was several feet higher than the deep gully. Suddenly, the crane turned over and circled over the heads of Meng Huan and other three people. His wings were eight or nine feet in size. Tong Shuzhen had lived in the Kunlun I’ve seen a lot of monsters and giant birds, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a giant crane like this. His whole body was like snow, with a red crown on top, a long beak like steel, and sharp claws like hooks. He was afraid that he would hurt people, so he was on full alert in the dark. He knew that the giant crane flew for a while and flew eastward through the air. Shen Xialin has been looking up at the giant crane without a shadow, secretly sighing. I thought this white crane was really big, and if she would let me ride it, I could fly to the sky. Meng Huan was thinking about the gestures of the crane and the snake when they were fighting. Xia Lin suddenly remembered that she should tell her brother Huan that she wanted to ride the big crane. She turned to see Meng Huan frowning and meditating. She felt strange and asked softly, “Brother Huan,smart board touch screen, do you also want to ride the big white crane?” Knowing that Meng Huan was thinking about the way the giant crane had just grabbed the snake’s head seven inches with both paws, he was absorbed in hearing Miss Shen’s question. Xia Lin saw that Meng Huan ignored her and was about to call again. Suddenly, she saw his left arm raised and his right hand stretched out, attacking each other. She was even more puzzled. She couldn’t help stretching out her right hand to pull Meng Huan. Suddenly, she stretched out a jade wrist and gently clasped Miss Shen’s right hand. A woman’s voice sounded in her ears, “Don’t disturb him!” When Xia Lin saw that it was Master, she asked in a low voice, “Master,4k smart board, what is he doing?” Huizhenzi replied with a smile, “He’s practicing kungfu. Your Elder Martial Brother has a high level of understanding. It’s really a rare gift. No wonder your Elder Martial Brother has passed on the Twelve Swords to him. The next generation of masters is none other than him. I’m afraid whether our Kunlun Sect will be able to open the door in the future depends on him.” Huizhenzi said a few words with feelings. Shen Xialin could not fully understand, but she knew in her heart that the master was praising brother Huan. She jumped up and said with a smile, “Master, brother Huan is the best. He is better than me in everything. If I don’t understand anything, I will ask him.” Huizhenzi looked at her smile with an innocent and lovely expression. Her face was charming and innocent, and she frowned slightly. With a sigh in the dark, it reminded him of his past. Coincidentally, Yang Menghuan was a disciple of Elder Martial Brother, and Xia Lin was recommended by Elder Martial Brother to be his disciple. Yiyangzi was the most beloved person in her mind. In order to take the overall situation into account, she could not double cultivate with Elder Martial Brother. Thirty years of good dreams were hard to wake up, and there was still a sense of regret in her heart. Now her disciple fell in love with her elder martial brother again. Decades of trauma makes a generation of chivalrous woman Hui Zhenzi move a strange idea, she wants to try her best to make Shen Xialin and Meng Huan a pair of beautiful flowers and full moon, digital interactive whiteboard ,interactive boards for classrooms, the previous generation of dreams become hatred, do not make the next generation fall into a lifelong hatred. She had this kind of idea can not help but give birth to the love of Shen Xialin, and Miss Shen is really growing to see, the biggest reason for nature, or Huizhenzi and Yiyangzi remaining love nectar, benefit Meng Huan and Xialin, but there are many things in the world that can not be planned, although Huizhenzi has a good heart, but it is still difficult to make this pair of little children satisfied with the world, the day after tomorrow in the sea of love. Only beat Yang Menghuan dizzy. Huizhenzi pulled Xia Lin to her side and whispered, “Don’t talk. Watch your Elder Martial Brother Yang practice kungfu.” Yang Menghuan beat each other with both hands for a while, but it seemed that it was still hard to understand the mystery. With a sigh, he put down his hands and looked back to see Martial Uncle Zhuo standing beside him. His Taoist robe was immortal and spotless. Although Huizhenzi was nearly fifty years old, he had excellent internal skills. Yang Menghuan, who looked like a man in his thirties, was thinking about martial arts. He didn’t know when Huizhenzi would come to him. He quickly bowed and said with a smile, “I only think about martial arts. I have lost my manners. I hope Martial Uncle will forgive me.” Huizhenzi said with a smile, “The kungfu you just practiced looks like a bare-handed dragon in the palm of Tiangang, but it doesn’t look like it. It seems to be more profound than a bare-handed dragon. Where did you learn it?” Meng Huan replied, “The crane and the snake were fighting in the deep gully just now. The disciple saw that the giant crane caught the snake with both claws and succeeded in striking it. It was quite like a bare-handed fight in the palm of our Tiangang. The disciple thought and practiced for a long time, but he couldn’t understand the trick.”.
” Huizhenzi hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s a pity that I didn’t see it. It’s hard to say for a moment. Bare-handed dragon fighting is one of the three unique skills in Tiangang Palm. You can understand by analogy. Your endowment is really superhuman. Just now I saw that when you attacked each other with both hands, there was a profound truth in the middle. As long as you can practice hard, you will be able to create a strange move. Tiangang Palm has 36 forms.” Each style has taken a lot of effort from the senior elders of this school. If you can create a new move in your hands, you will be convinced by your brothers in the same school in the future. The meaning of Huizhenzi’s words has faintly revealed the intention of recommending Yang Menghuan to take over the next generation of leaders, but the meaning is implicit, Yang Menghuan can not understand. Tong Shu-chen then tur around and interrupted, “mast, look at that big python in that gully. Is it an iron-clad snake with black scales?”? Just now, when it was fighting with a giant crane, it kept spewing poisonous fog from its mouth. Huizhenzi gazed intently for a moment and was secretly surprised. The shape of the python in the deep gully was indeed no different from that of a black python and an ironclad snake. It was just that he had grown up like this. Not to mention that he had never seen it before, he would not have thought of it even if he wanted to. He was not sure, so he had to smile and said, “Let’s go down and have a look.” To know that the ink-scaled ironclad snake is a rare treasure, Huizhenzi naturally refused to let it go. The four men looked at the place where they had settled, jumped down, stepped on the loose stones on the cliff, and fell straight to the bottom of the valley. Huizhenzi bent over to pick up a rock, used his wrist strength, and shook his hand to hit it. The stone is like a meteor, hitting the body of the snake, like hitting steel, only making the body of the snake roll. The rocks were broken and flying, but the scales of the snake were not damaged at all. Huizhenzi led the three of them to the dead snake and said with a smile,65 inch smart board, “This is an adventure through the ages. We got this treasure virtually. Draw out your swords and see if you can cut off the snake.” Yang Menghuan did not know that the skin of the ink-scaled ironclad snake could avoid the sword. When he heard that the long sword was unsheathed, he chopped it away with a wave of his wrist. He knew that he had cut three swords in a row. The scales of the snake’s body were not damaged, but the three-foot steel blade was cut with gaps. He could not help but stand there speechless.

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